Easy Ways To Shop Grassfed Beef

flank steak

Flank Steak from Grassfed Beef

From steaks to burger, grassfed beef is a delicious meat for a wonderful dinner. While regular beef is less costly, nothing can beat grassfed beef when it comes to safeguarding the health of your family. Since grass fed organic beef is a product of pasture-raised cattle, consumers can be confident that they are getting the right meat which is guilt-free to be served at your table.

It is a fact that grass fed meats have higher cost compared to conventional-produced. This is because, grass fed meats takes more time to mature as is feed only in pure grass–definitely no grains, antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products. Grass fed beef like pastured pork and other pastured animals have lean meat that promises deep flavor and low-calorie content which is better for everyone’s health.

If you are one of those health enthusiasts who would like to go for grassfed beef diet. Below are buying tips that will help you save effort and money.

Direct Buying: Different labels found in meat stalls can be a bit overwhelming. Visiting a local farm that offers beef cuts is a wise idea to buy meat in lesser cost as you will be able to skip retailers through the process. Whenever organic grass fed beef is limited in your area, there are best buys online which can also be your option. There are local farms directly selling meat to online buyers in a reasonable price, and all you have to do is to wait for your order to come at your doorstep.

Ask The Butcher: Whether you buy on a grocer or in an online shop, there is a person you can trust when it comes to meat cuts. Yeah, he is Mr. Butcher! Take advantage of a butcher’s expertise in meat especially if you are shopping in a budget. By creating good rapport to them, you can learn of the good cuts that you can get in lesser price.

Knowing the Cuts: As a cook, getting to know the cuts will help you choose the kind of meat that will suit your recipe. Though you can ask the butcher at any time, self-learning is a step to ensure that you are getting right according to your budget. There are three grades of beef which are sorted according to price, tenderness, and marbling. The Prime, Choice, and Select. However, when it comes to grass fed meats, you need not worry much about the grade for all cuts boost delicious flavor that is just natural for a naturally grown beef.

For more readings about grass fed beef benefits click the link for articles: http://www.naturallygrassfed.com/newsarticles/


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