Easy Ways To Shop Grassfed Beef

flank steak

Flank Steak from Grassfed Beef

From steaks to burger, grassfed beef is a delicious meat for a wonderful dinner. While regular beef is less costly, nothing can beat grassfed beef when it comes to safeguarding the health of your family. Since grass fed organic beef is a product of pasture-raised cattle, consumers can be confident that they are getting the right meat which is guilt-free to be served at your table.

It is a fact that grass fed meats have higher cost compared to conventional-produced. This is because, grass fed meats takes more time to mature as is feed only in pure grass–definitely no grains, antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products. Grass fed beef like pastured pork and other pastured animals have lean meat that promises deep flavor and low-calorie content which is better for everyone’s health.

If you are one of those health enthusiasts who would like to go for grassfed beef diet. Below are buying tips that will help you save effort and money.

Direct Buying: Different labels found in meat stalls can be a bit overwhelming. Visiting a local farm that offers beef cuts is a wise idea to buy meat in lesser cost as you will be able to skip retailers through the process. Whenever organic grass fed beef is limited in your area, there are best buys online which can also be your option. There are local farms directly selling meat to online buyers in a reasonable price, and all you have to do is to wait for your order to come at your doorstep.

Ask The Butcher: Whether you buy on a grocer or in an online shop, there is a person you can trust when it comes to meat cuts. Yeah, he is Mr. Butcher! Take advantage of a butcher’s expertise in meat especially if you are shopping in a budget. By creating good rapport to them, you can learn of the good cuts that you can get in lesser price.

Knowing the Cuts: As a cook, getting to know the cuts will help you choose the kind of meat that will suit your recipe. Though you can ask the butcher at any time, self-learning is a step to ensure that you are getting right according to your budget. There are three grades of beef which are sorted according to price, tenderness, and marbling. The Prime, Choice, and Select. However, when it comes to grass fed meats, you need not worry much about the grade for all cuts boost delicious flavor that is just natural for a naturally grown beef.

For more readings about grass fed beef benefits click the link for articles: http://www.naturallygrassfed.com/newsarticles/


The Benefits of CLA in Grass Fed Organic Beef

grass fed organic beef

Grass fed organic beef is beneficial for our diet because it contains an essential fat called CLA. Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been discovered to have lots of benefits for human body as it serve not only as an immunity booster, but as a potent fighter of deadly disease like cancer.

In studies conducted by animal scientists, it has been proved that CLA can fight three stages of cancer from initiation to promotion until the last stage called metastasis. Unlike most of anti-cancer cure which can only block one of the stages, CLA can fight and slower that growth of cancer-causing tumors from cancers of the skin, prostate, colon, and breast. CLA cannot be produced by humans, but only by ruminant animals that feed only in pasture like grass fed organic beef. By consuming grass fed organic beef rather than grain fed, we are getting higher levels of CLA to protect our health.

Grass fed organic beef, pastured pork, pastured goat and other organic dairy products are best sources of Conjugated Linoleic Acid which like Omega 3 can protect you against certain forms of cancers, heart diseases, and weight problems.

CLA as a Natural Fat Burner

CLA found in grass fed organic beef increases muscle mass while effectively decreasing body fats. Study shows that it interferes with a substance in human body called “lipoprotein lipase” which is responsible in storing fat in your body. It also allows your body to use existing fats to be converted into energy.

CLA as a Cancer-Fighter

Conjugated Linoleic Acid being a cancer-fighter is not a myth. In 1979, a lab test from researchers of University of Wisconsin proved this to be true. They applied beef extract to mice skin exposed to strong carcinogen, and 16 weeks later they were surprised to found out that the mice has 20% lesser tumors than it was originally.

Grass fed organic beef is a wonder food. With richer Omega 3, CLA, and other nutrients including protein, not to mention the absence of harmful chemicals and hormones, grass fed organic beef is truly a food people must eat for a better lifestyle.

Is “Pink Slime” In Your Beef?

grassfed beef

"Pink Slime" Free Beef From Naturally Grass Fed

“Pink Slime” is becoming popular discussion nowadays with more people who decided to hands-off ground beef. This is an issue to affect not only beef shops all-over America, but also to fast food chains and every commercial establishments selling or using meat and ground beef products with or without this controversial meat filler.

The term “pink slime” was coined by Gerald Zirnstein in 2002, a former Food Safety and Inspection Service microbiologist who stood up against filling ground beef with meat stretchers to increase profit among meat businessmen and to lessen the cost of ground beef. The product refers to low grade beef trimmings which are scraped from the bones of cattle added with some parts from the spine, rectum, and some intestinal tissues. After the trimmings are mixed it will further be sprayed with ammonia to kill the pathogens that can cause bacterial problems among consumers.

Due to media outbreak, the term “pink slime” seemed to be included in the country’s vocabulary. Meat buyers are rejecting it, and the producers continually battle in reason—that their beef is safe for everyone. Recently, governors from America’s largest meat producing states toured the meat processing plant of Beef Products Inc. which is the main producer of the meat filler. They defended the company by giving statements that critics have been unfair for scaring consumers, since the beef was processed to be leaner which is actually good for the health. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy and South Dakota Lt. Gov. Matt Michels who went to the plant, ate some burgers from the processed meat and agreed that the product is safe and healthy.

“Pink Slime,” being safe of not, the decision will still come from the meat buyers who consume the meat and would be directly affected of its health effects. In this generation where food products are generally industrialized, cost and heath benefits seldom meet, people have the choice. And for those who think of health first, organic is still the best option.

Grass Fed Organic Beef Health Benefits

organic beef

Grass fed organic beef is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for everyday living. With many people having active and adapting in a fast-paced lifestyle, it is not just enough to eat, but it is also important to ensure that the food we feed our body are ultimate sources of nutrients that will energize and protect us from unwanted health risks.

Red meat from a grass fed organic beef is one source of healthy food for people who are becoming more particular of their diet. Considering the diseases brought by meat and other foods right now, choosing a chemical-free meal is indeed a wise selection.

A normal adult can have 113.40 grams of grass fed organic beef as daily recommended value. Since it is produced from an organic farm, consumers can be rest assured that they are getting safe meal out of red meat. What are the major vitamins that can be benefited from the beef cuts of grass fed organic beef?


In a daily serving of grass fed organic beef, a person can get 59.4% of tryptophan which is an amino acid that promotes the biosynthesis or creation of protein. Because organic beef is very rich in tryptophan, it can generate more protein to aid hair, bone, skin, and muscle development. For people who have manic depression, eating organic beef is also a way to increase the hormone serotonin, it is a calming neurotransmitter that contributes in mood swings.

Aside from water, human body is basically composed of 75% of protein. This compound of amino acids is responsible for our growth and bodily maintenance since protein repairs damaged cells and tissues. Without plenty of protein from grass fed organic beef to sustain our daily needs, it can result to weaker immunity and mental concentration. In some cases, protein deficiency leads to depression and moodiness.


Beta-carotene has long been known to boost the immune system. It contains high anti-oxidant properties that prevents sickness like cancer. Since beta-carotene converts to Vitamin A, it significantly contributes in prevention of blindness and other eye diseases. With right amount of grass fed organic beef, a person can get high amount of beta-carotene that is a protection from health dangers.

Organic Beef: More Preferred By Health Conscious People

It is undeniable that the environment that people live in today has been crowded and polluted. Looking at different studies, more people are prone to having diseases at present compared to few years back. Since the world is getting more and more populated, it is inevitable that the health of people gets affected because of too much stress. As a solution, many people are becoming more health conscious. This includes living a healthy lifestyle in spite of much work by choosing the kind of food that they eat. Today, people have been choosy with their choice of food. For example, they would prefer to eat organic beef than pork or would opt to be a vegetarian.

organic beef

There are many debating studies about the health benefits that each food could provide. However, at present more people are eating organic beef because it is believed to be safer and could provide more health benefits that any other kind of meat. Organic beef is a kind of beef taken form animals like cows which only eat organic things like fresh grasses. In this way, there would be no chemical content in it like the beef found in the market which is usually full of chemicals and preservatives.

Having this advantage, many people especially those who are health conscious prefer organic beef as their source of protein and other nutrients. At the same time, the kind of fat taken form this beef is healthier and is known to reduce many diseases in the body. Since this is organic, it is assured to give no harm in the body, securing the over-all well-being of a person.

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